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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Two White Lions Lying in the Sun

BIO: I took this photo of these two beautiful creatures in May of 2014. 
White lions are a color mutation of the African lion. 
They can range in length from 5’ to 10’ and weigh up to 500+ pounds. 
Their range is Timbavati, South Africa. 
Unfortunately, they are at high risk of extinction in the wild.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Shaker Village Houses

BIO: These two structures are on the west end of Shaker Village. 
The closest is the Old Stone Shop built in 1811. 
It served many functions over the years but was most recently used as a medical office. 
The farthest building is the West Family Dwelling built in 1821.

Shaker East Family Sewing Shop

BIO: This is a view of the East Family Sewing Shop in Shaker Village, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky.
The bright yellow paint stands out in sharp contrast to the nearly cloudless deep blue sky. 
This building was constructed in 1855. 
It was the center for sewing, spinning and weaving. 
Hundreds of silk worms were raised on the 2nd floor from which silk thread was harvested.